Sheet Metal Stamping

With presslines varying from 70T to 600T , we are well equipped to produce sheet metal parts with varying degrees of complexities and tensile strengths. We have been a single source supplier for Suzuki Front seat parts for more than a decade through Krishna group. With time and experience spanning over 15 years we have gained expertise in this field and can produce high quality parts at the most competitive prices. We have a turnover of over 400 million INR in sale of sheet metal parts.

Blanking Line

We have 2 inhouse state of the art blanking lines with an SPM of 40. Apart from our own production needs we serve clients with blanks and CTLs of varying sizes and shapes at industry best prices.


Tooling is perhaps the most strengthening element of our group. We have been producing tools for over 15 years with an average of almost 1 tool everyday which is a staggering total of around 5000 tools. Having worked with multiple customers along varied projects with size and complexities varying with each tool, we are now capable of developing tools for any part, howsoever complex, with input from our rich experience and technological advancement. We thrive to deliver high quality at competitive prices in the shortest time of span possible.

VAVE & Cost Saving Projects

With input from Mr VP Dalal, we are highly qualified in updating tool designs so as to improve yield of production, thus saving raw material in each part. We also aim to reduce the number of operation by creating multistation tools thereby saving on time and process charges.

We have been working closesly with Maruti Suzuki joint ventures closely in such projects. Over the years, our VAVE projects have resulted in an average saving of around 10 crores per annum for our customers.


We have an in-house weld shop to fulfil the welding needs of parts which have a nut assemebly or any other welding prerequisite. All welding is done with automated equipment using high accuracy fixtures.