VAVE Projects

Savings of around 12 crores per annum was achieved in 2016-17 by development of better yield tools and process modification for various MSIL Joint ventures and Tier-1 suppliers. Yield was improved upto 1.5 kg per blank and number of operations almost halved in certain cases. We not only developed these new tools but are also stamping for the same.

Critical tooling for MSIL through its Joint ventures/Tier 1s

On multiple occasions , we worked for MSIL JVs when they were in problem regarding certain critical tooling. NDT worked upon them and came up with solutions in very quick time and developed the tooling as necessary. Apart from tooling we are supplying some of those parts as well

580 Tools in 180 Days

In just 6 months we developed 580 tools averaging at around 3 tools per day:
We have been working for Mahindra, bellsonica, Krishna group in diversified fileds of 4 wheelers, 2 wheelrs, bus and truck etc .We have put in sincere efforts coupled with our vast experience to develop parts of varying sizes and complexities. Some of those parts are as below:

Tools for Mahindra Bus & Truck Division(over 3 metres in length)

We recently developed tooling for a part weighing about 25kgs for Mahindra Bus & Truck Division. The tools were above 3 metres in length and weighed around 11 Tonnes on avg. Apart from being a benchmark in terms of size and weight, the project was a rich learning experience for our entire team. We are now well equipped to handle such big complex parts.